MP3s of the Blogscene!

There is more free music on the web than commercial music in your local record store. Really.

What’s tha buzz all ’bout, bro?

Posted by mp3s on January 26, 2006

This site aims at pointing out the best of the free music on the net. Non-commercial, high-quality songs in all genres – by talented artists who are friendly enough to give away their music for free.

With some luck, that will be mid februari!


4 Responses to “What’s tha buzz all ’bout, bro?”

  1. Yeah! This rocks! I hope you really do something out of this, you lazy ass! =D

  2. mp3s said

    Well, atleast I got my API key.

  3. anonymuis said

    so you signed up only to get an API key? :))

  4. Stephan said

    No, how could you believe that? I’m just waiting to get a nice 3-column theme to use, and then I will start hunting good non-commercial music to post here. Really! :)

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