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There is more free music on the web than commercial music in your local record store. Really.

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What’s tha buzz all ’bout, bro?

Posted by mp3s on January 26, 2006

This site aims at pointing out the best of the free music on the net. Non-commercial, high-quality songs in all genres – by talented artists who are friendly enough to give away their music for free.

With some luck, that will be mid februari!


4 Responses to “What’s tha buzz all ’bout, bro?”

  1. Yeah! This rocks! I hope you really do something out of this, you lazy ass! =D

  2. mp3s said

    Well, atleast I got my API key.

  3. anonymuis said

    so you signed up only to get an API key? :))

  4. Stephan said

    No, how could you believe that? I’m just waiting to get a nice 3-column theme to use, and then I will start hunting good non-commercial music to post here. Really! :)

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